12+ Amazing Videos About Semantic Search And Its Impact To Your Digital Marketing Efforts

I wanted to do a follow up post about the impact of Semantic Search on SEO and digital marketing in general. That’s right, they way the web and search is evolving it will impact other type of marketing avenues, specially mobile organic strategies.

There are many ways to try to stay ahead and help you business and strategies evolve in a semantic way, but one of the main things you should be focus on and what search optimization expert +David Amerland recommends on his book “Google Semantic Search”, is to build a great company, a company that values its customers and audience and over-deliver fantastic products, service, and customer experience.

Basic Elements Of Semantic Search.

As you can see in the graphic below, some of the element of the new information finding engines are:

– Reasoning engines.
– Natural language understanding.
– Ontology search and expansion.
– Contextual analysis.

Image source: HLWiki International.

The main lesson here is that Google and any search engine that is focus on delivering semantic personalize results to their users, its trying to understand the meaning of your queries in order to present you with the most accurate results for you.

Video Tutorials And Google Plus Hangouts Interviews About Semantic Search.

Here are some of the best videos where +David Amerland and other top SEO’s and digital marketing experts talk about the future of search and Google:

1.What is the future of semantic search? By +Matt Cutts

2.Semantic Search: Introduction. By +David Amerland

3.How Semantic Search Is Changing Everything. By +Yifat Cohen the +G+GoTo Gal

4.Semantic SEO: What I Means To You And Video? By +David Amerland Hosted By +Ronnie Bincer

5.Another Overview.

6.Semantic Search With David Amerland – Max Impact. By +Max Minzer

7.Google Semantic Search. What’s All About? With David Amerland. By +martin shervington

8.Google Authorship. By +martin shervington and +Mark Traphagen

9.SEO and Semantic Search – Al Remetch & David Amerland. Hosted by +Carol Dodsley with +Al Remetch and +David Amerland

10.Why Should Writers Care About Semantic Search? Asking David Amerland. By +John Rakestraw

11.Tek-Talk: The Future Of SEO With David Amerland. Hosted by the wonderful and missed +J.C. Kendall and +su ann lim

12.Semantic Search For Real World Local Businesses – Meet The Pros. Hosted by +Oleg Moskalensky+Mark Blinderman and myself, with David as our VIP guest.

13.What Lawyers Online Must Know About Trust & Authority In Semantic Web. By +Michael Ehline

14.Explaining These Semantic Evolution With David Amerland. By +troy mc laughlin

16.What Google Plus Features Matter On Search Ranking. Hosted by +Yifat Cohen with +Mark Traphagen

I hope you enjoy the videos, tips and common sense advice by David, who explains all these in great details on his book the “Google Semantic Search”, which I highly recommend you to read, because it will give an edge over your competitors.

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