18 Google Plus Tips And Resource Round Up

By now you should know how important is to have a personal and business presence on Google Plus is, this is why I put together a list of the best posts filled with tips and resources that can help you learn how to use Google+ effectively for your business. There are many benefits that come to mine, here are a few:

1. Enhance your National, Global and Local search exposure.
2. Increase your website traffic.
3. Increase your website ranking.
4. Build a powerful brand authority.
5. Use Hangouts On Air to build authority and content.
6. Help you company productivity with Google tools.
7. Extend your web exposure to Youtube.
8. Find and Interact with you audience.

Those are just a few of the benefits you get for using G+, but are enough to get you jumping and trying the platform. Don’t you think?

Top Google Plus Tips And Resources For Week.

A lot to learn in the posts below, enjoy:

1. Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus – Reputation. By +Plus Your Business! and +martin shervington

“Once you’ve created the content, learned the system of distribution, and the engagement processes you’ll use on Google+, you’ll really want to build your community, one relationship at a time.”

2. Forrester Study Reinforces Strong Engagement on Google Plus. By +Eric Enge

“But combined with data from an April 2013 Forrester survey that found 22% of more than 60,000 U.S. online adults said they visit Google+ at least once a month — way behind Facebook’s 72%, but the same as Twitter — it’s clear that G+ should be in the mix. The report’s author, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst Nate Elliott, recommends that brands mimic their Facebook efforts on Google+, noting that most social management dashboards can automatically post on both networks.”

3. How to Use Google Plus for Everything!. By +Jaana Nyström

“If you don’t know what is Google plus, or If you are not at Google Plus yet then please don’t tell me you’re a blogger. Believe me you’ve REALLY been living under a rock. But, no problem! In this 2000+ word guide you’ll learn everything about Google plus, and how to use it for blogging, business and everything.”

4. Are You Mining Google Plus For Gold?. via +Joshua Berg by +Mike Allton

“First, I consider many of my connections to be as valuable as gold. The fact is, it wasn’t until I started following really great and interesting people that I started to really enjoy and get real value out of Google+. I have now progressed to the point where I believe my circles to be carefully curated collections of experts and influencers. If I circle someone, it’s a very particular and deliberate decision. As a result, whenever I log into Google+, my home stream is a remarkable collection of brilliant posts and links and commentary.
Second, the articles themselves and the information people share is incredibly valuable to me. Like Marshall picking nuggets up out of the stream, all I have to do is look around and there are compelling blog posts and commentary, interesting new items, and plenty of fun and entertaining pieces.”

5. Google Plus Notifications Driving You Insane?. By +Amanda Blain

“You’ve just signed up for google plus, or you commented on a popular post and you are suddenly flooded with google plus notifications! Your inbox is full of emails, or your mobile app is going crazy.. Worry not there is a quick and easy fix for the beeps and emails.”

6. What Every Marketing Department Needs to Know About Google Plus. By +John Moneypenny

“Contextualization, including devices as well as personalization is nothing new, but with Google+ they are determined to deliver meaningful content when and where people want it.We can see this with Google Now for mobile, but desktop is still able to know whether we are about to propose to a loved one, whether we are looking to holiday overseas, or apply for an MBA. When you add Google+ on top of this, Google can see the nature of content people are engaging with and to what extent. It is almost guaranteed this data will start to be used in relation to Adwords, enabling a far more refined and differentiated experience for advertisers and searchers.Contextualized advertising is commonplace, but the same now applies to Google.com with Search Plus Your World – personalization based on your personal network and their actions. As a business, it’s no longer all about “how to get to be number one in Search” for your keywords; you can now build and influence the information your network receives more than ever.”

7. Google Plus Just as Popular as Twitter in U.S., Study Says. By +Sean Gardner Post by +Adweek

“Google Plus has the same number of U.S. users as Twitter and more opportunity for brands, according to a new survey from Forrester Research. Google Plus, the 2-year-old network that put social in the search giant, is far from a ghost town as some have called it, the survey said.
In fact, 22 percent of people in a 60,000-person survey said they visit Google Plus monthly, the same percentage as people who said they visit Twitter. Of course, 72 percent visit Facebook monthly. Google Plus visitors topped LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
Nate Elliott, the Forrester researcher who found that brands are having a tougher time reaching Facebook users without paid campaigns, did the study.”

8. How to Format Posts on Google Plus to Maximize Shareability. [Video Link] Featuring +Jesse Wojdylo

1. Experiment with sharing posts. Photos share in different sizes on different networks. Play around with different ways of sharing.
2. Tall and skinny does better than short and wide. Google plus wants it to be tall and skinny. Turn your camera sideways to take pictures adequately. Similar to Pinterest. Facebook is also moving in this direction. Tall and skinny posts is valuable for shareability. If you are creating images, make them tall and skinny!
3. Use your computer to take screenshares, then adjust the size. If you have an image that’s wide, print screen to make it tall and skinny, then share it on plus, and you’ll get much better reach because it LOOKS BETTER on plus.
4. Look through your stream, and see what you find appealing. People are using very quickly – they won’t click on everything – if the images are too small, they will just disregard. Make font sizes bold, large, and simple. Make your memes and images great for READABILITY.
5. Sentences do very well, and quotes do great. People want to glance, reshare or plus one, and they keep moving.
6. Infographics: Cut and splice. Grab the headline, and share bits and pieces. Cut tall and skinny sections so they jump out to the users.
7. People just want the quick quote or number, they don’t want to consume heavy data.
8. Pro tip: get great charting software, make great charts, and share regularly – this will do great!

9. How to Become a Google Plus Wizard. Via +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Gryffin

“- Why you need to be on Google Plus– How Google Plus impacts Search– How to get started on Google Plus– How to use Circles and surf the Google Plus stream– Google Plus in an hour a day”

10. How to Google Plus Your Business. [Video Link] By +Ryan Hanley featuring Martin Shervington.

“Martin help us to geek out on Google Plus for your business.
This is question so many business owners and marketers are dealing with in regards to Google Plus:
How do we grow our business?
What activities yield results?
How do “Plus our Business?”
There are very few people in the Google Plus place with both the technical know-how and the witty delivery of Martin Shervington.”

11. Power Boost Your Google Plus Strategy. Via Eric Enge via Peg Fitzpatrick

“Why should you give Google+ a chance:

• Connect with a new group of people.
• Rank higher on Google with your Google+ content.
• Increase the popularity of your blog and get great blog traffic.
• Google+ Hangouts allow you to have face-to-face conversations with the world.
• Because it’s fun!”

12. 7 tips for using Empire Avenue and Google+ together. By +Michael Q Todd

“Talk about Empire Avenue occasionally both in your posts or in G+ communities. Occasionally add the link to your Empire Avenue account in posts. Use the #empireavenue hastag in some of your posts and actively search for that hastag to support other members` posts. There are a lot of people out there watching but you cannot sell a secret. I even promote the Empire Avenue logo on my Google+ cover banner. Can you spot it?”

13. 3 Relationship Building Tips for G+. By +Wade Harman

“You are stronger with others than you are by yourself.  I get the idealistic approach that you want to conquer the world, but in the end, you’re not going to do it alone. relationship building for google plus All of the great people had someone that helped them in some way.”

14. How to Use Video Interviews to Boost Business Visibility. Via +Ronnie Bincer post by +Rebekah Radice

“However, with the dawn of Google+ and Hangouts on Air, your ability to get “on camera” is more readily available than ever before.
One of the best ways to use Hangouts is to raise awareness around your business or brand.
There are hundreds of hangouts taking place each week. Why not identify those that are specific to your industry or area of expertise and request a guest interview?
Not only can the right video interview position you as an authority, but it can also build credibility.”

15. Google Plus 101 – Google Drive Presentation. Via +Michael Bennett featuring Peg Fitzpatrick

“What’s in the Google Drive Presentation?
– Google Plus for New Users
– 22 Ways to get more from Google Plus
– How Pinterest go together like peanut butter and Jelly!
– How to spot trends to increase exposure across social networks and the internet
– How to manage your time spent on Social Media
– Pic Monkey and Photo Editing
– Photo usage and what’s legal when using images on your blog or social media profiles
– What is Link Litter? How to avoid it
– Tapping into the power of people and how social media is the dominant player on the second screen
– 29 Ways to tune your brand and make it pop by boosting your social media efforts
– 12 Powerful tips to succeed in social media
– 12 Most sensible ways to deal with online bullies and trolls”

16. Google Plus Circles – When do you share to them and when to Post Public. By Ammanda Blain

“First things first… Lets get the terms right. Sharing to a Circle and Notifying a Circle. Big big difference here. You can share to a circle and what you post will appear in their stream or if they come to your profile they will be able to see the post but this is the important part – They will not be notified. That means your post will show up with the hundreds of other posts from all the people they circle in their main stream and if they happen to be looking when you send it, they will see it. In most circumstances where you will be sharing to a circle, you will want to notify that circle so they get a red notification in the top right of G+, but this is where things get.. tricky. Have a look at the image to the left for where you Notify a circle –  but basically notify is when you check the box for “Also send email to CircleName”.”

17. Are you a Google Plusser or a Google Poseur?. [Video Link] By +Christine DeGraff – Ronnie Bincer – and +Lisa Engles

“We’ll take a deeper look at the 4 points made in the post:
Plussers encourage discussion around issues that are pressing and important to them
Plussers come with a spirit of collaboration
Plussers express gratitude
Plussers are contributors”

18. Google Plus Social Media Consultant. [Infographic]

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