Google Plus: Building The Path To A Wonderful Social Layer, Your Own Way!

This post is part 31 of a series of Google+ posts I did to help entrepreneurs and small business owner create engaging G+ Pages content and increase interactions.

This truly is one of the easiest and most productive methods online for any web based or offline (local) small business.

Huge success has been achieved using this platform, you simple cannot afford to ignore it. At least not anymore!

And even while many so call experts tell you that in order to be successful using Google+ you need to learn how to use it well, usually behind this sentiment is an order button for their course or consulting services

…the truth is, you do not required any experience… and all you really need to build an outstanding social personal or business brand here in the Gplusphere, is included withing you.

Here is an infographic with some shocking stats for you.

So, what Google Plus strategies should you use?

None, just let the following guide you into finding your special place in this platform and start getting to know some other amazing people:

1. Your Personality.
Don’t hide your feeling and likes, showcase them and interact with then with respect and social consciousness.

2. Transparency.
Let your narrative be your presentation, without walls, so your audience get to know you better and qualify you as the person they really want to connect with.

3. Relevancy vs. Fun.
It’s great to be relevant to help you connect with people that might be interested in your type of business or knowledge. But, doesn’t do much for your personal brand, true narrative, value, engagement, and self-expression is a better way to create long lasting relationships in social media. 

So, be relevant, but do not forget to have some fun.

4. Screw SEO.
Instead of thinking how can I get more followers, more plus ones, and more shares to your blog posts. You better off focusing on writing a magnificent piece of content that many people relevant to that niche will be more than willing to plus one and share, not just in G+ but all their others social profiles. The future of search optimization is different, be ready for it.

5. Value.
Everyone recommends to create and share quality content. Yes, that’s a good tip, but it doesn’t end there. Make sure that everything you do in Google+ have some type of positive value for your peers and yourself.

Maybe this is a virtual world, but still a human based world that as part of your daily life it need to help you:

– Create remarkable memories.
– Learn something new everyday.
– Connect with others in a deeply level.
– Engage in fun and thought provoking conversations.
– Inspire others and get inspired.
– Motivate others and get motivated.
– Gives kudos to anyone who deserves it.
– Grow to a better person everyday.

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