How To Get More Pinterest Users To Pin Your Blog Posts

Maybe you already heard how good it is for your website traffic to have your content pin on Pinterest. The site give you access to a very responsive audience that can easily be turn into traffic, opt-in leads, and even direct sales.

In this post I gonna give you a few quick tips to make sure your blog posts or articles are pin ready.

Pinterest Marketing Readiness Factors

Before you start taking action on all the tips below, you need to know some of the main factors that will have people sharing or pinning your content even if you don’t follow the tips below. Understand this first and then you can go and apply the rest of the advice on this post to boost your chances of getting pin many times:

Factor #1: Make sure whatever your niche is to always provide the best content possible. Quality means more than the quantity of post or how long the article really is.

Factor #2: Don’t ever forget that even so Pinterest works great with commercial based pins, the site still a social network, people go there to be inspired, to learn, to engage, not to be sold!

Factor #3: Be relevant when it comes to categorizing your content on your on pin boards, this way you will get targeted users to see, engage and repin your content.

Factor #4: Make sure you always use images in every post if you want Pinterest users to share your content, remember that the network is focus on the visual element of your narrative.

Lets Make Your Content Pin Ready

Now that we got those other important factors out of the way, here are a few more things you can do to increase your pin to visitor ratio:

1. Make a nice title based image with your title or intro in text to let people know what to expect when they click to visit the site.

2. Make sure your images or photos are highly relevant to the topic in question.

3. Use images or photos that are under the CreativeCommons Attribution, share-alike, license.  This will keep you out of trouble. So, don’t steal images, curate and give credit.

4. If you are sharing an infographic inside your blog post, make sure to crop the title part of the graphic to be use an introduction or as your top image.

5. To get more that one pin per post, you can also cut the infographic into presentation size pieces, this makes the pin easy to understand and visualize.

PRO TIP: Add a number to each piece of the infographic, like “Part 1 – Part 2” etc., this will help those that see the pin on Pinterest to know their is more and entice them to click the link to read the rest.

6. Add extra graphics that are relevant to different septions of your article, this way if your readers didn’t like the first image they have more choices to pick from. Giving visitors choices is a great way to gain some type of response.

7. When making a list of tips like this one, is also very useful and clever to add the pinnable graphic version of each tip right under its text version, this way visitors can pin the tip that appealed better to them.

8. Also, the graphic version works well when you add quotes or market statistics on your post. You can use free open source graphic editing software like Gimp to create them. Here is a tutorial on how to add text to an image with Gimp.

And here is another one just in case the first one wasn’t clear enough:

9. Use memes to add humor and a virality effect to your pins… the more viral your image is, the more repins and traffic you will get. Check this Google+ post for more information about memes.

10. And last, make sure to add high quality photos. Nobody will pin or share your post if the image is completely blurry and unprofessional!

The Pinterest Interest Infographic

Is also good to know what the site users like to pin the most, in this graph you can learn some great facts that will help you craft better pin ready post for your audience:

I hope this advice will help you gain more repins and web targeted visitors from Pinterest!

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