How Top Brand Use Twitter: Case Study

In this case study Simply Measured did a complete analysis on how top brands are using Twitter effectively, not just to build their online authority but also to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and generate leads for this business.

One of the main drivers in Twitter and any other social media platform is engagement. Which means that you should not only share fantastic content that is relevant to your audience, you should also start conversations and join other conversations that will help fuel the discussion and at the same time your brand authority.

Twitter Facts From The Infographic

Fact #1: 58% of top brands have over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Fact #2: 92% of companies tweet more than once a day.

Fact #3: The most engaging brand is eBay.

Twitter Branding Tips

Here is a video with a few great tips you can start implementing right away:

Some takeaways from the video:

  1. User names: Use alone with company name if possible to help push your brand on the network.
  2. Bio’s and Links: Add your company name in the bio of your team and make sure to link to your company’s website.
  3. Background and Design: Make sure your background have your logo and keep the design colors and feel like your site theme, is all about keeping it consistent.
  4. Following: Show personality on your following, by following top influencers in your niche.
  5. Networking: This is where the real social stuff happens, you need to engage, not just by retweeting a post but adding to the conversation, answering questions, etc..

Also, make sure to avoid 20 of the worst mistakes you can make on Twitter, like:

1. Posting famous quotes with links to an affiliate or you own product, which is also completely irrelevant to the quote content. This is actually a little bit upsetting.

2. Using tweets like (I’m reading “book title”) and then just link directly to your Amazon or other merchant affiliate link will make you loose a lot of followers.

3. Another very wrong way to post a promotion is by posting a link all by itself… Thinking this curiosity tactic will increase click-through, well you are wrong. Tweeple (people using the twit service) don’t click on stand along links, because of fear to be direct to a virus loading site or simple because it can be a waste of their time.

4. Please don’t use lame call to action like “visit my site or blog”… This may work if everyone using the service is a prekindergarten student. But, they’re not!

20 Bad Twitter Marketing Strategies to Avoid

Twitter Lessons From Top Brands

The infographic below have some of the stats and insights from the marketing study:

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