Semantic SEO: The Guide For Small Business

Is your website and small business ready for the future of the Search Engines, in particular Google? 

You maybe heard the terms semantic web or search which also are giving birth to a new type of website and content optimization called Semantic SEO. The way the web is evolving is very clear that we already living in that framework, and very soon the way we go about optimizing our Internet properties will change, and after the Google I/O, where the company introduced us to Google Now is very clear that we need to be ready to take our online marketing efforts to a new level, a level that involves:

  • Engagement.
  • Quality.
  • Diversity.
  • Virality.
  • Time-sensitiveness.
  • Clearness.

Yes, your content needs to be engaging, it have to deliver high value, needs to have several formats, needs to be spreadable through social, it needs to be time sensitive, and it needs to be understood by Google and other search platforms.

Below I put together a video, infographics, and resources to help you understand and be ready for this new evolutionary.

1. Hangout On Air Replay: Semantic Search And The Future

In this great video presentation you get a 50+ minutes full of excellent content by my good friend and SEO strategist +David Amerland … the event was hosted by my wonderful partner +Yifat Cohen also check here site where she share the live feed.

Also don’t forget to pre-order his book “Google Semantic Search” which will help you stay ahead of your competition.

I hope you enjoyed the video, please let me know if you have any questions.

2. Introduction To Semantic Search

This is a great video where David gives a  very detail introduction to this new framework that is not just changing the way we interact and find information but also the way we learn, communicate and collaborate.

For more information don’t forget to check his blog

3. Resources From David And Other Great Sources

Here is a list 14 articles, G+ updates, and blog post that you should check:

1. The Real Impact Of Search. By David Amerland.

2. Web 3.0 And Semantic Search. By David Amerland.

3. Social Is The Default Setting. By David Amerland.

4. Case Study: The Social Media Experiment. By David Amerland.

5. Search Guides Everything. By David Amerland, via +Oleg Moskalensky

6. Why Cellphones Become Human. By +Mike Elgan via David A..

7. How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From Semantic Search. By David Amerland on +Bill Gassett ‘s blog, via +Ray Hiltz

8. Understanding Semantic Search. By David Amerland.

9. Semantic Search: Where Search Must and Will Go Next. Via David Amerland And +Mark Traphagen

10. How Search & Social Engines Are Using Semantic Search. By +Barbara Starr & +Search Engine Land

11. Baidu: We Do Semantic Search Better Than Google. Via +Christopher Rauschnot & +Search Engine Watch

12. How Search & Social Engines Are Using Semantic Search. Via +Gideon Rosenblatt

13. How Semantic Search Will Change SEO. By David Amerland via Mark Traphagen.

14. 13 Semantic Markups Strategies For Local Business Websites. Via me! 🙂

4. Infographic About The New Web & Search

This infographic give you a good amount of information to help you understand the way this new web works:

5. What’s Coming Next?

According to this little infographic the answer is “The Intelligent Web”!

What do you think is coming next?…

Here is an extra video that shows the difference between web 2.0 and semantic with a little bit of humor:


If you were waiting for a long detail conclusion? You are out of luck, because the facts are telling to: “Evolve of get out of business!”

This have always been the conclusion when it comes to SEO!

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