The 5 Crucial Elements Your Video Needs To Go Viral: Lessons By Jimmy Kimmel’s Worst Twerk Fail Ever Video

The freaking disclaimer:These are just one type of strategies you can use to make your YouTube clips to become fan magnets, and even after mastering this techniques it doesn’t guaranteed the success of your campaigns.

Ready for some unusual but very effective video marketing lessons that can take a video from zero to over 9 million views in a week. Now, not every clip you upload to YouTube is going to have this potential, the lessons below focus on the type of video Jimmy Kimmel have made in order to get that kind of attention. Plus, when he released the uncut version of the clip, that one when when viral as well, I will talk about that in a little bit, but first

…do you really want to have your videos go viral?

That’s the question you need to ask yourself before going bananas with the production and crafting your viral campaign. Before we continue here is a infographic that exposed the flow of the viral effect of a video:

As you can see on the chart above:

– The video get published.
– The first tier audience is notified of the inclusion.
– Depending on the preferences, that first audience might re-share the video link.
– Catch the eye of YouTube and online News sites.
– First batch of re-tweets start.
– If popular the first round of almost automated sharing starts.
– Mashable and other trending video sites take notice.
– The content viral effect gets a boost.
– Retweets, Facebook Likes, and email shares go nuts.

It looks like a great set steps anyone will one on their videos, don’t you think?… Well, not really, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of going popular.


1. A lot of exposure for your brand if is done right.
2. You might also get a boost to your SEO efforts with all the back links the video can generate.
3. You might get a boost in website traffic.
4. The viral effect of the video my take a long time before it dies, and sometimes will still generate thousands of views everyday.


1. If the message wasn’t right and you used a random video like Jimmy did, it will not generate quality traffic to your website or blog.
2. Most of the exposure will be non-targeted, but you might still appreciate the back link if they come from an authority site like Mashable or new sites.
3. The main message of your brand can be misinterpreted by your audience and actually make harm to your online brand.
4. If the clip goes popular carrying the wrong message, it can be really hard, almost impossible to stop. Deleting the video isn’t enough.

Viral Video Marketing Lessons From The Worst Twerk Fail Ever!

+Jimmy Kimmel Live showed that in fact is super easy when they release their video clip to the world. They created a video following a current trend, in this case “Twerking” and they added one of the most popular keywords on YouTube and the web “Fail”, also don’t forget the sexy girl, and then they added what I call “The WOW Factor.”
Here is the video, enjoy :o)

That was the uncut version which already have over 9 million views as well!

This clip when viral without any type of promotion, social media sharing, or anything like that the video took life on its own.

So, let’s recap on the elements on this video:

1. Current hot trend.
2. Popular keyword.
3. Eye candy or attention grabber.
4. The WOW Factor.

And for the uncut video to go nuts Jimmy added:

5. The Surprise Effect.

Here is a quote by +Mashable about the production and marketing of viral interactive campaigns:

Let’s Add This Elements To Your Next Video Campaign

Just like Jimmy and his marketing team put together this funny clip, you can do the same by adapting the lessons to your niche:

1. Current Hot Video Trends:

You don’t really have to use an irrelevant trend like “Twerking”, you can simply find a raising trend in your industry, or that is highly relevant to your audience by checking YouTube current popular clips, Google Trends Tool, Google Trends Top Chart, what’s hot on online news, what’s trending on Twitter and Google+, check industry news.

2. Popular Keywords:

Now match the hot trend to one of the popular keywords in your niche. When crafting the script and story for your video make sure to make this two element work together like peanut butter and jelly.

3. Add The Eye Candy Or Attention Grabber:

This have to be something that will really keep your audience eyes on the video. You don’t have to use a sexy lady like Jimmy did, just think of something your audience will love see.

4. The WOW Factor:

This is very important to the success of your viral campaign. You need to brainstorm a way to add that element that will WOW your viewers and make them plus one, Like, tweet, and share your video with their peers.

If you made them said “Oh My God!” you might be on the right path!

5. The Surprise Effect:

The surprise elements give your video that second WOW punch that can make your audience become an instant fan and start sharing and talking about your video with everyone they come in contact with.

Here is another clip with an excellent surprise effect:

How Videos Go Viral: TedTalk By Kevin Allocca.

In this video you gonna learn a few more tips and also you gonna see examples of videos that experts will never predicted to become popular.

What About Video Ads?

Can you use this advice when creating or producing your interactive ads? You don’t think videos ads go viral? Think again, according to the market research made by Unruly Media, when done videos ads have the potential to be popular if they have the right elements. See chart below:

Also you need to know that even TV ads are becoming popular social content on the web:

This is why I agree with my good friend +Ronnie Bincer who is a video and Google Plus Hangout ninja, when he said that small businesses need to focus on video, because it holds the future of online and mobile marketing.

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